Explore Williamsburg, Virginia: The Cheese Shop

I’m a Florida girl. Usually when I have the option to sit either inside or outside, it’s a no brainer to opt for the air conditioning. My hair will thank me later. But today, I discovered a place with all the cheese, wine, and crusty bread I could eat outside on a shaded patio #blessed by the cool, zero humidity, Virginia breeze. Have a seat.


The Cheese Shop has been nestled in the college town corridor of Williamsburg, Virginia since 1973. It’s just outside of the colonial area, among several small boutiques and cafes popular with the students of The College of William and Mary.


Attached to the shop is a dining room and wine cellar owned by the same family, Fat Canary. The wine cellar is accessible from inside The Cheese Shop or just outside in this secret alleyway. You can sample wines from all over the world or keep it local with Virginia vineyards.

Not a wine fan? Not a problem. The Cheese Shop has shelves and shelves of craft beers, sodas, teas, lemonades, and more.

Hm… am I forgetting something? Oh yeah. THE FOOD. As soon as you walk in, go straight to the back and order a gourmet sandwich at the deli counter. First, you pick your protein and the type of freshly baked bread you’ll be drooling over. Then, you customize your work of art with the toppings and condiments of your choice. I had an amazing tuna salad sandwich on rye with grapes and walnuts.

After you receive the beautiful brown bag you’ve been waiting for, take a stroll around the shop and see the displays of jams, dressings, and other snacks you can take home with you.

Most importantly, don’t forget to stop at the cheese counter to get a wine and cheese pairing. I had my eye on the many jars of pickled offerings.
You could very easily spend an entire afternoon in this spot, and I hope you do.

The Cheese Shop

410 W Duke of Gloucester St, Williamsburg, VA 23185

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